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Benefits of the Home Wealth Share Program for Homebuyers
Benefits of the Home Wealth Share Program for Homebuyers

Steadworth helps you buy a home by providing additional down payment funds.

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Steadworth's Home Wealth Share program offers numerous benefits for homebuyers, making homeownership more accessible and affordable while providing opportunities for long-term wealth creation. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Lower Down Payment

The program provides qualified homebuyers the opportunity to purchase a home with a down payment as low as 5%. This significantly reduces the upfront financial hurdle and makes homeownership attainable for individuals and families who may not have saved a large down payment.

2. Lower Monthly Payments

By contributing to the down payment, Steadworth helps homebuyers avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI), which can add hundreds of dollars to monthly mortgage payments. Additionally, a lower down payment translates to a smaller loan amount, resulting in lower monthly mortgage payments. These combined savings (which accrue 100% to the homebuyer) can significantly improve a homebuyer's monthly cash flow and overall affordability.

3. Building Equity

With each mortgage payment, homebuyers gradually build equity in their home. This equity represents a valuable financial asset. Over time, equity can be used to access home equity loans or lines of credit, or it can be realized as a financial gain when the home is sold.

4. Wealth Creation through Appreciation

In addition to building equity, one of the most significant benefits of homeownership is the potential for appreciation. As the value of the home increases over time, the homeowner's wealth grows. With Steadworth's Home Wealth Share program, homebuyers can benefit from this appreciation, even though they share a predetermined percentage of the appreciation for a fixed term with Steadworth when they sell or refinance their home. This shared appreciation model allows homebuyers to participate in the potential upside of the housing market and build wealth over time.

5. Full Ownership and Control

From day 1 of owning the home and the beginning of the agreement with Steadworth, homebuyers have full ownership and control of their property. They are free to make changes and renovations to the home as they see fit and enjoy the benefits of homeownership.

Comparison to Traditional Mortgages and Rent-to-Own Programs

Compared to many traditional low down payment mortgages, Steadworth's program offers a lower down payment requirement and the potential for lower monthly payments due to avoiding PMI payments on larger loans. This can make homeownership more affordable and accessible for many buyers.

Compared to rent-to-own programs, with Steadworth, the homebuyer owns the home 100% upon closing and provides the opportunity to build equity and benefit from appreciation. Rent-to-own programs often involve higher monthly rent payments, with only a portion going toward a down payment, and do not guarantee ownership of the property at the end of the rental term.

Overall, Steadworth's Home Wealth Share program provides a unique and advantageous path to homeownership, resulting in lower upfront costs, reduced monthly payments, and the potential for long-term wealth creation through shared appreciation.

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